Free URL Services
Hurt You:

Competitor Ad Supported

Abused by spammers!

Ruin Your Credibility!
Cause your Presentations
to go to the Junk Folder!

About Us is a new URL Shortening service that also combines advanced tracking that uses cloud servers that have a 99.99% up time.

This project was developed for businesses that have opted-in lists that are using our “ software that enables businesses to opt-in email using its $5 a month Microsoft Office 365 account for virtually an unlimited number of opted-in emailing of their customers.

We provide a very easy to understand very low-cost pricing structure. Competitors that provide a free service just to capture your data only hurts you. Those free services are used by spammers and that leads to the short URL being blacklisted or at minimum your company losing credibility for using such services.

Honesty Is Important.

Tracking Services that tell you they can accurately tell you how many “opens” you got is a farce. As you know many email services, such the most used desktop Outlook, has a preview pane. Even though the email is not “opened” the viewer is looking at your email!

There is no URL shortener service that provides such feature rich analytics anywhere close to this price.

Pricing Tables

  • Custom Short URL's
  • Click on your URL's
  • No Ads
  • Geo Location
  • Diret Traffic
  • Referrer Traffic
  • Password Option
  • Whitelisted IP's
Baby Bear
  • $49 / year
  • 25
  • 75,000
Momma Bear
  • $120 / year
  • 75
  • 250,000
Daddy Bear
  • $395 / year
  • 300
  • 1,000,000

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